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WMF Presto


The new WMF PRESTO opens a new market in commercial coffee machines. A small (325mm wide) and versatile machine which produces any hot beverage from Espresso to Cappuccino and Chocolate beverages.
The WMF Presto stands out through a smart design which allows preparation of hot beverages even more easy. The modular design allows to have the machine exactly they way you need it. Some of the features are:

  • The touch screen keeps you in touch with the machine. Clear error messages allow a simple operation
  • The WMF Presto smart dosage principle allows the change of cup size without reprogramming. A smart way to change your cups !
  • The Water Tank allows the WMF Presto to operate independent from any water supply. With 4 Liters you can go a long way.
  • The integrated Milk Garage allows to keep the milk away from the table. A cooling element keeps the Milk cool.
  • The easy servicing allows the customer to remove the brewer and clean it without calling for a technician.
  • The Bean Containers are removable and allow a change-over of blends easily. A true advantage for testing.
  • A versatile modular assembly allows from a single to three product containers. One grinder.
  • A second grinder can be added and the machine will dispense the coffee from the programmed container.
  • A third container can be added to have chocolate or milk powder available to be dispensed separately or with the coffee.
WMF Presto 1400
The base model with 1 Grinder, Hot Water and NO steam or cappuccino.
WMF Presto 1400
The extended model with 1 Grinder, Hot Water, Steam and auto-cappuccino.
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